Herradura Farms Board/Lesson Programs


1. New Beginners       
 $65/hour up to 2 riders     $60/hour for 3 or more students
 The above $60 is for a full hour on how to tack up, ride, clean and groom the horse.

2. Horse Savy

Note these are prices for students who have the ability to tack up and untack.

1hr group lesson for $60.00 three or more students.
1/2 hr private  $70.00

Monthly Charges.  

-  With 4 lessons per month.
-  Lessons missed must be made up in the same month.
-  Less than 4 lessons the individual lesson fee will apply.              ($240.00 monthly)

For those a little more advanced wanting more than one lesson a week two options

Monthly Lesson Program 1
2 Group lessons/week                                                                            ($480/ Month)
Any missed lesson must be made up in the current month.

Monthly Lesson Program 2
3 Group lessons/week                                                                             ($700 / Month)

All School horse lesson fees must be paid at the beginning of each month, either Single or Monthly lessons

There is a maintenance fee of $30/month for program one and $20/month for program two.

Feel free to call if you can not catch me below 403-899-9943  Also feel free to come out and have a look or watch a lesson.



For enquiries on the full board and training program please contact Herradura Farms.

Susan Anderson

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