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Riding on the Canadian Equestrian team and competing at world championships will teach you a thing or two about horses.

That’s why Susan Anderson and Herradura Farms are the bestplace to board and train your horses in the foothills area.

Anderson has been riding since she was six years old.

She was a member of the Canadian National Equestrian team and competed at the 1990 World Show Jumping Championships as part of the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm, Sweden. "That’s also an added bonus when you are trying to promote your business," said Anderson.

Herradura Farms boasts a bright 20’ by 80’ viewing lounge overlooking a spacious 80’ by 180’ indoor riding arena. Outside Herradura has a 100 by 200 outdoor arena, 16 very large paddocks with shelters and 15 individual stalls.

Anderson has owned Herradura, which means ‘horseshoe in Spanish’, since 2007.

In addition to training and boarding horses, Herradura provides programs for their customers. "People don’t just come and ride one day a week, it’s three days a week, three lessons a week and it’s a training program," said Anderson. Conveniently nestled between Calgary and Okotoks in the Dewinton area, Herradura is easily accessed off Macleod Tr. South. on 226th Avenue W.

Herradura is even on some bus routes for local schools. "(I am) good with the flatwork, the technical stuff, the basics," said Anderson.

For non-equestrian types, flatwork is the circles, turns and transitions horses need to perform as they move from jump to jump. Hopefully by January, Herradura will expand what they offer to include school horses.

That way people can just show up wearing riding gear and hop on a horse rather than purchase and maintain their own.

If you are looking to sell horses, Anderson can even help you with that. "Not only do I board horses and train them, I concentrate on sale horses too," said Anderson.

For more information call Susan Anderson at 403-668-6223 or 403-899-9943. Alternatively, Susan can be reached at susan@horsemail.com.

Herradura Farms is accepting new clients.

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